Inclusion and diversity at our core



We are a community of uniquely talented and driven individuals united in one shared goal – to transform the way the world consumes sport and entertainment. Here are some of the ways we foster inclusion and diversity.


Teams are the most fundamental asset in our company – and as research demonstrates, successful teams are diverse teams.

The best teams aren’t formed in echo chambers. They're born in difference – from alternate experiences, from individuals with unique ideas, even from clashing points of view.

It’s just one reason why championing diversity has always been integral to Deltatre.

And as we grow, we are doing everything we can to ensure our company truly reflects the world in which we live in.

Inclusive culture

We have an inclusive culture, which doesn’t just start in the hiring process. We encourage everyone to bring their whole selves to work – wherever in the world that may be.

We want everyone to feel that they can be open about who they are. After all, if you can’t be your true self, you can’t be your best.

Many staff enjoy flexible working to ensure their professional lives fit around their personal commitments.

We advocate an inclusive hiring policy, and ensure our leaders are trained in unconscious bias.

We always align with and support organisations that share our approach and values.


We partner with Women of Silicon Roundabout each year, which is part of the Women in Tech Series.

It’s the world’s largest event of its kind and truly champions the incredible achievements of women in the tech industry to date.

We also work with Girls in Tech to promote awareness of the gender gap in the tech industry and highlight the need for equal educational, cultural, and working opportunities.


We continue to build our culture through communication, and our staff play a pivotal role in sharing their own stories and feedback to guide us in our journey.

We are constantly advancing – but as a whole, the industries we work within still have room for improvement.

So, we are pushing for change. We encourage everyone to apply, join us, and tell your own story. Help us make real progress and shape the future of Deltatre.


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