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Deltatre is the global leader in fan-first video experiences.

Deltatre is the global leader in fan-first video experiences.

Our market-leading product and services portfolio has helped redefine the way the world consumes sport, media, and entertainment by offering specialist innovations in over-the-top streaming, websites and apps, graphics, data, officiating systems, user experience, and product design.

We have a growing employee community of over 1,000 members, who are distributed in key cities around the world. At Deltatre, we recognize that we’re part of a highly influential media space – sport and entertainment – and we can use our privileged position to positively influence our industry.

Named in Fast Company’s prestigious annual list of the ‘World’s Most Innovative Companies’, we’re a group of uniquely talented and driven individuals, with an amazing opportunity to make a difference in our sector.


Teams are the most fundamental asset in our company – and as research demonstrates, successful teams are diverse teams. At Deltatre, we believe in the power and importance of EDI across our business. These topics are at the core of our values as a business. We consciously nurture an environment where each and every one of us feels safe to bring our whole selves to work, in which we are all valued and respected for who we are and what we bring. At Deltatre, everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential. We are inclusive by nature, as this is who we are and what we are about.

The power of innovation and excellence comes from drawing talent, ideas, and contributions from as wide a pool of people as possible – both in terms of our community within Deltatre and from our partners and customers. It means that no one working for, or connected with, Deltatre should ever experience discrimination, disadvantage, or exclusion for any reason, particularly related to gender, race, disability, sexual orientation, faith and belief, transgender status, caring responsibilities, or socioeconomic background.

At Deltatre, everyone is welcome and celebrated.

Inclusive culture

Welcoming new talent into our business and supporting them is key to our success. Our entire recruitment team is “Diverse Recruiter” qualified and ensure best practice hiring behaviors. This means the pool of talent that we attract, looking for opportunities to join our business, is authentic and diverse.

We encourage everyone to bring their whole selves to work – wherever in the world that may be, because we want everyone to feel that they can be open about who they are. Our ‘Work from anywhere’ policy means that many staff enjoy flexible working to ensure their professional lives fit around their personal commitments.


Deltatre sponsors an important diversity series, “Leaders Meet: Diversity”, delivered in partnership with Meta. This provides a platform for executives within sport to come together to drive diversity within the industry, accelerate the pace of change, and inspire the next generation of executives, through thought-leadership events and digital forums.

Every year, we partner with organizations that encourage and recognize the incredible achievements of women in the tech industry. We also nurture our future talent pipeline through our support of initiatives that promote STEM subjects to girls who are still in school, including our work with Girls in Tech, Next Land and Girls Code it Better, to promote awareness of the gender gap in the tech industry and highlight the need for equal educational, cultural, and working opportunities. Additionally, we are technical partners of STEM Days, donating IT equipment to widen accessibility


We have a dedicated cross-departmental team that regularly educates and inspires the entire employee community on Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion issues and topics. At Deltatre, we always encourage conversation and learning surrounding Diversity and Inclusion across our community to help us navigate and understand the world of EDI.

We continue to build our culture through communication, and our global Deltatre community plays a pivotal role in sharing their own stories and feedback to guide us in our journey.

We achieve this through sharing information and videos internally, to ensure the entire employee community understands our similarities and our differences, what EDI means and why it matters. We believe that the more we understand what diversity and inclusion mean to each of us, the stronger our working relationships will be.


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