Juliette Bietry


Key Stats

Key Stats

Role: Senior Commercial Manager

Office: Paris and home

Year joined the company: 2016

Please introduce yourself!

I grew up in a small town near Paris. My dad was a sports journalist and my mum took care of the family. I have one older brother, he’s a talented sports TV director. I studied in a business school, then spent three years in financial auditing before moving to a sports rights agency and have been working within the sport industry since then. My brother and I grew up with a passion for sport, so our career routes were kind of obvious to us. I am the happy (and tired) mother of two boys.

What does a ‘typical’ working day in your life look like?

I’ve been working from my home near Paris for two years, and a typical working day starts with making breakfast for the family and taking my kids to school. I usually do a few things at home before opening the computer at 9am every day. When you work from home, you need to create a routine with specific working hours, otherwise, you could never stop working.

As a Senior Commercial Manager, I take care of our portfolio of existing customers. I like to set up weekly meetings with them to make sure I have in-depth knowledge of their needs, challenges, and issues. My job is to provide solutions. You also need to constantly reinvent the services you provide, making sure that what is already in place continues to fulfil the client’s brief and as well as providing your clients with constant innovation.

Deltatre is across all the major global sports events and the company gives you the opportunity to play your part in them

Juliette Bietry, Senior Commercial Manager

Can you tell us about a memorable project or moment?

I consider myself a very lucky athletics fan as I work with World Athletics. In 2018, we were appointed to renovate their graphics pack among other services. Our customer brought a new vision and gave us the opportunity to really take part in the whole renovation, working as true partners. Every voice was listened to and we were delighted with the work we released for the 2019 World Athletics Championships in Doha.

My dad is a retired sports journalist and worked as a commentator for many athletics events as well as other sports. I was really proud when he told me, “I wish I could have benefited from such amazing graphics when I was a journalist, it would have made my life easier.”

How did you come across the company?

As always in my career, it’s about people. In my previous job, I was working for a subcontractor of Deltatre. I met amazing people there so when the opportunity came in, I didn’t hesitate.

What is your favorite part of your role?

As an Account Manager, you get to deep dive into your customers’ issues and challenges. My favorite part of the role is to find and bring the solutions to make their life easier. When a customer takes the time to thank you for your contribution to the project, it makes all the hard work worthwhile.

What are your biggest learnings since you joined the company?

I think that trust is your most precious asset. Once you build that trust with your customer via communication and delivering great work together, you can accomplish brilliant things together. If your customer is comfortable enough to share their ideas and projects with you, together you will create fantastic business opportunities.

What is it about Deltatre that makes it unique?

Our company works as a family. The COVID-19 crisis is the best example of this – as employees, we’ve been taken care of and kept updated. All the possible arrangements were made for each of us to allow us to fulfill our family obligations while doing our job.

And I think that is also how we take care of our customers. They are family and we want them to succeed. We listen to them and we find solutions together to allow them to make their events bigger and stronger.

Why should new recruits join us?

Deltatre is across all the major global sports events and the company gives you the opportunity to play your part in them. So, if you are a sports fan, it couldn’t be better! The structure of the company gives you the comfort of working with efficient teams, but also a sufficient level of autonomy and freedom which allows you to bring ideas, contribute to the projects and promote change where necessary. The company is very open-minded.

Do you have any hobbies?

I watch a lot of sports on TV with my family, but also at stadiums – when we can go once more! One of our favorites is watching PSG handball games as when you’re in the audience, you’re very close to the field which really sparks a lot of emotions. I also like to run and never miss my weekly Zumba class.

What is it about the future that excites you?

We are lucky enough to work with technology and the beauty of technology is that it is constantly reinventing itself. Innovation is at the heart of what we do, so what you are doing today is not what you will be doing tomorrow. No one can predict the future, but what we can do is to continue to innovate so we can be there to influence it.

If you could describe the company in three words, what would they be?

  • Fans: Each of us has a special relationship with sports. It’s great because we always have something to talk about over team lunches and dinners!
  • Family: We stick together no matter what – team spirit is in our blood.
  • Agile: Our customers have their own specific and unique challenges and it’s our responsibility to constantly create tailormade solutions for them. It’s what we do best!