Lan Anh Nguyen


Key stats

Key stats

Role: Business Analyst

Office: Turin, Italy

Year joined: 2012

Deltatre in three words: Family, experience, sporty

Can you give us an intro into your background?

I graduated from the University of Turin in Computer Science in 2012. My first interview out of university was with Deltatre and they hired me as an Android Developer. It was so exciting, I’m now in a new role but I’ve been with the company ever since.

Why did you want to join the company?

First of all, in 2012, mobile development was becoming very popular. It was a mix of wanting to work within an interesting company like Deltatre as well as create applications for sports.

It was the perfect combination for an Android Developer. During the interview, it was really exciting to see such a dynamic environment and it’s part of the reason I’ve stayed here for so many years.

Can you tell us more about your career change?

Being a Developer was very memorable and very exciting. I was working for the DIVA video player team and the people I worked with had very open minds about new features and improvements, which was great.

Working with DIVA was one of the projects that helped me to more deeply understand the importance of business value. It made me realise that although I really enjoyed being a Developer, I also wanted to improve in other areas.

How did you go about making that change?

My line manager gave me the opportunity to speak with colleagues and stakeholders to show them my ability as a Business Analyst, and I proved that I could manage a team. Even though I don’t touch code anymore, problem-solving is about 80% of my role today so I’m still using skills from my previous role.

Were there any processes in place to help?

We have the ADP, which is a performance management and career development tool and stands for Appraisal & Development Plan. We define the goals we need to achieve each year. It’s very useful, and means career progression can be achieved step by step.

What is a ‘standard’ day in your life?

I manage a team in Belarus. As I deal with them remotely, there are many phone or video calls throughout the day. We’re working on a front-end OTT product for mobile, TV, and Apple TV.

My key responsibility is to lead the team and develop and customise the framework for different projects. I speak with stakeholders, make sure the project is running on time, as well as plan the release of the application.

Has your work changed the way you view sports?

Yes, every time I follow a live match, it gives me the possibility to learn something new. Whenever I see something created by Deltatre out there in the real world, it’s very exciting.

What’s the atmosphere like at Deltatre?

The people are very nice, and even very senior people have taken the time to teach me so much. We’re like a family, and many of the people here I don’t consider to be colleagues, but friends.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I sometimes do photo or video shoots as a model. It mixes things up! I also like to surf.

What’s the work-life balance like?

The company allows us to be very flexible. Employees can organise their own lives, which gives people the chance to develop extra activities outside the office. We’re given a lot of trust when it comes to delivering our work.

What’s your favourite part of working with Deltatre?

When I wake up in the morning, I never think, ‘Oh no, I have to go to work.’ My work is an important part of my life – I’d describe it like drinking a cup of coffee in the morning because the job motivates me so much every single day. I always go to the office with a smile!

What makes Deltatre different?

Deltatre really is a place where people can grow so much. They invest in people and get to know each employee individually. Every day I face a new challenge, which is fantastic.