Lara Gramaglia


Key Stats

Key Stats

Role: Head of Global Accounting

Office: Turin, Italy

Year joined Deltatre: 2018

Deltatre in three words: Passion, innovation, family

Can you give us an intro into your background?

I was born in a very small village in Italy, about an hour away from Turin.

I grew up with a passion for foreign languages that I pursued for a few years and then realised I didn’t want to study literature, so I followed my father’s path and started studying economics and business administration.

I graduated from the University of Turin in Business Management and after that, I started working with an auditing firm.

How did you come across Deltatre?

Two years ago I was appointed as the auditor of Deltatre and we met and fell in love!

Did you know much about Deltatre before you joined?

In Turin, there are lots of car manufacturing businesses and I knew this was something different. I knew it was a cool business working with sport, media, and entertainment.

All the auditors who worked with Deltatre would always come back saying it’s an amazing place and that the people are so nice. It was everyone’s favourite client.

Why did you want to join?

For me, the most important thing when I’m looking for a job is the people you work with, and I really enjoyed being around the people I used to audit.

What do you like about the finance department?

We’re a very integrated group. We’re a very integrated group. I sit next to my team in Turin, but I’m equally as close to my teams in the UK and Germany – that’s probably the thing that I like the most.

You have the chance to see a lot of different things and your team is everywhere. We also work with people from different companies and I have travelled quite a lot to Germany and the UK too.

What is a ‘standard’ day in your life?

It’s really hard to pinpoint a standard day because working in finance, we don’t have a scheduled job.

What is the social side of life at Deltatre like?

Deltatre really does try and create as many opportunities as possible for people to get together. In Turin, when there’s a World Cup for example, we’ve got a big screen outside so everyone who wants to can watch together.

Whenever a big piece of work is finished there’s also often a celebration here at the offices to mark a job well done. In general, we try to socialise as much as possible as it’s the only way you can build a team.

Have you always been interested in sports?

Yes, when I was at uni I used to work at a local paper and I used to cover sports. I’d follow football, volleyball, and hockey. If I didn’t start working in finance, I’d be a sports journalist I think!

What do you like to do outside of work?

I enjoy watching amateur sports. I normally go to a very small football pitch and watch lower division football when I’m home. I also like watching films and TV series’.

Do you watch sports differently now?

I appreciate all the effort that’s behind it. When I started working here, the team walked me through what we do when a game is on and I spent an evening working with everyone.

I’ve really developed an appreciation for the skills, love, and passion for the game that everyone has.

Why should new recruits want to work at Deltatre?

People love it here! Most of the people I work with have been working here for 20 to 25 years and have seen the company grow. They feel like this is their family and their home. It’s beautiful!

I really like the idea of working in a place where metaphorically you can wear the company’s shirt with pride, like you’re wearing a football kit.


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