Senior Back-End Developer

You will be involved in complex software project development in the sports domain, developing a back end solution and being part of a fast-paced project team. You are supposed to deal with technical complexities arising from the daily project activities in collaboration with project managers and the other team members.

If you love software and you want to demonstrate your strong attitude and abilities in developing innovative solutions you are ready for the deltatre challenges!

What are you waiting for? Apply now to demonstrate your skills, attention to details and enthusiasm!

  • OOP/OOA background
  • C# expertise
  • .NET Framework knowledge
  • Clean code, covered by unit and integration tests
  • Good understanding of written English is mandatory, fluent verbal and written English is preferable

Personal Characteristics

  • You have an insatiable craving for making applications more consistent and reliable over time;
  • You believe you can automate everything, and you can identify opportunities to remove manual processes;
  • You are passionate about quality and can engineer it at all stages of software development. You are able to design and develop a quality pipeline that requires as little human intervention as possible;
  • You enjoy working in a fast paced, collaborative environment with an incredibly innovative and exciting suite of products;
  • You are committed to drive projects to completion independently and creatively;
  • You follow current technology trends and improvements;
  • You think ahead and build for the future;
  • You are passionate and contribute often to open source projects.

What else should stand me out?

  • Knowledge of OOP principles (Design Patterns, SOLID, DRY, YAGNI);
  • Familiarity with Extreme Programming practices (TDD, Pair Programming, Refactoring);
  • Familiarity with Live Streaming and Stream Encoding technologies;
  • Knowledge of Event Sourcing and CQRS;
  • Knowledge of scalability and performance challenges of server-side code. You can design and develop horizontally scalable, resilient and high performance REST services;
  • Knowledge of SaaS, PaaS and IaaS models;
  • Knowledge of cloud technologies and hands-on experience in at least one cloud platform: Microsoft Azure; You are able to design and develop cloud-based systems and operate them in an automated fashion;
  • Knowledge of MS-SQL Server, MongoDB, RabbitMQ, Dockers, JSON communication;
  • Knowledge of ASP.NET stack (ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#);
  • Experience with Microsoft TFS, comfortable with Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery environments;
  • Experience with installation and deployment of servers and open source platforms;
  • Knowledge of Agile methodologies;
  • Knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, Javascript (including Javascript frameworks);
  • Microsoft certifications.