Silvia Fuda


Key Stats

Key Stats

Role: Video Engineer
Office: Turin, Italy
Year joined: 2015
Deltatre in three words: Delivery, lively, progression

Can you give us an intro into your background?

I grew up in Turin and studied Media and Cinema Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Turin. I found the job opportunity at Deltatre on the university’s website and I decided to apply.

Why did you want to apply?

I knew the company was involved in sports events and I saw people travelling around the world – it looked exciting!

Can you tell us what a ‘standard’ day involves?

My title is a Video Engineer, but I have recently changed teams and now I’m ready to start new video projects, so I am excited to find out more about my new challenges. At the moment, my working day is different to usual but I still regularly work on big sporting events and get to travel often.

Can you talk us through a recent project?

I would say VR for sure. Last year, we provided live streaming and video clips in 360 degrees for Champions League matches. It meant fans had the opportunity to watch entire matches while wearing the VR visor and be completely inside the game. I really loved that project because it was one of my first projects as a Service Manager and Project Leader. I got to travel a lot.

The European Championship and then the World Championship in 2016 and 2018 were also exciting because they were firsts for me.

How many live events have you worked within?

Three complete seasons of the Champions League, as well as one European Championship where I spent 40 days in Paris. There was also one World Championship in Moscow, so I spent 30 days there. I’ve lost count!

What’s it like working in a changing industry?

You have to be very good at planning because you don’t know what will happen next week. The sport experience changes quickly so you have to be ready every day.

What is it about online video that excites you?

It’s the video technology used. I like streaming and video infrastructure, so this was a good challenge, as well as an opportunity to apply what I learned during my time at university. With sports events you have to be ready as they’re happening live!

Do you have tips for staying calm during live events?

Try to relax, take a break – and use your brain! It’s something you learn with experience.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I like football, I go to the gym, play basketball, and I like to ride my bicycle. I ride to work sometimes. I also love going to gigs.

Did your interest in sports influence you to apply?

Yes, absolutely. For me, it was the main reason.

Has your job changed how you watch sports?

I’d say I’m more critical. My friends hate me because I’m always checking the TV graphics and the data when we’re watching sports together!

What’s your favourite part of working at Deltatre?

It’s like working in a big family rather than a company.

What are your biggest learnings since joining?

I’ve learned a lot about technology, and also about working in a team. If you want to work in Deltatre, teamwork is very important.

Is it ever difficult to explain your job to people?

It’s something I struggle with every day! I tried to explain it to my grandmother by showing her the TV and explaining that the scores and graphics are something we do in my office. I always try to use a concrete example of our work.