Vojtech Vit


Key Stats

Key Stats

Role: Director of Platform Engineering (EMEA)

Office: Prague, Czech Republic

Year joined: 2016

Deltatre in three words: Opportunity, leading, diverse

Can you give us an intro into your background?

I was born in Prague, but I spent many years living abroad. I lived in Kazakhstan, a year in Russia, and then in Switzerland. I moved back to Prague to start working with the company. It was an influence on my life because you get a more international mindset.

When did you first become interested in technology?

I guess as soon as I got my first computer. I started to educate myself and when I was 15, I created and sold my first e-commerce solution.

I already knew I wanted to make tech my career, not just because I saw how fast it was growing, but also the commercial aspect.

How did you first hear about the company?

In Switzerland, I started to miss my friends and family so I was thinking of moving back to Prague. I got in touch with some headhunters and this was one of the companies they suggested. It caught my attention for many reasons, but one was its international environment.

What is a ‘standard’ day in your working life?

Because we work with the Sydney office, I schedule meetings so we can take them at home at around 8am. After that, we go to the office and have an additional stand-up to discuss what’s new and what people are working on.

Then I spend most of the day either working on new drafts of engineering architectures, reviewing the work done by others, or answering questions and attending meetings.

Which product are you responsible for?

AXIS. We’re currently working on a major technological upgrade which is always great for engineers who are passionate because it means a lot of self-education and research.

We make prototypes before evaluating different paths and choosing the best one.

Can you tell us about a memorable project?

Personally, a really interesting part for me was transitioning the ownership of AXIS from Sydney to a new Prague product team. There was lots to do in terms of organising and setting up communications processes.

During the transition period we worked within a distribution team of Prague, Sydney, and London staff, which made communication and collaboration sometimes challenging, but that was the interesting part as we had to make it work regardless.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I like hiking, climbing, and mountaineering. It's extremely liberating and you really feel alive. If you look at a product release with new features, it’s the same as trying to climb a mountain because at the beginning, you start slowly as you try to figure out how to approach it. Then when you’re really into it and you’re exhausted, you’re not satisfied until it's finished.

What do you like the most about working at Deltatre?

I work in different roles as a manager, an organiser, coordinator and so on. It’s satisfying because I can improve my skills in different areas.

At the same time, I really love all the management and the people I work with directly. People are really technically capable with huge talent, which means you can learn.

What’s the social side of the company like?

The company organises office-wide Friday drinks in my office every month, but in addition to that, I organise events for the product team. The events are held roughly every two to three months and they’re a great way for the team to grow closer.

What have been your biggest learnings?

One thing I definitely learned is people management. I get to manage around 10 people from different areas and roles. I try to get to know them and understand what they’re motivated by and what they're working on.

What makes the company different?

In my opinion, it's the desire and the opportunity to achieve high quality in our product design, in our product performance, and the way we build our product and all the processes around being reactive.

We are able to flexibly change the direction of our development from one week to another based on important requirements from customers.