A highly scalable publishing platform

A highly scalable publishing platform



Engage your fans through storytelling

Engage your fans through storytelling

Your audience is global. They’re hungry for content. And they’re coming in force. You know the power of owned and operated digital channels done right.

FORGE is a highly flexible content platform and the modern solution for today’s sport and entertainment operators.

Providing all the tools to tell unforgettable stories and engage fans, the platform has been built from the ground up to help editorial teams produce and deliver the right content at the right time via the right channel to their fans.


Key Features

  • Tailored to Your Needs

  • Easy to Use

  • Scalable and Secure

  • API-First

  • Optional Engagement Modules

  • Tailored to Your Needs

  • Easy to Use

  • Scalable and Secure

  • API-First

  • Optional Engagement Modules



We were really drawn to the familiarity, robustness and maturity of FORGE. The fact that it’s sport-focused was particularly appealing to the MLB editorial team, who are using it every single day to manage our digital properties.

Jason Gaedtke, CTO of MLB


Case study

Transforming MLB’s digital publishing ecosystem in less than six months

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Manage all properties from one platform

Whether it's one site or 100 digital properties, FORGE centralizes control of your content and enables global teams to work together seamlessly.

Customized to your needs

The content platform was built using a microservices and API-first approach, making it easy to configure FORGE and integrate additional components in a digital ecosystem approach.

Enhance your message with VISUAL STORIES

This flexible module enables operators to craft bite-sized messages pre, during, and post-game to make your digital experiences even more compelling.

Connect with fans in real time with LIVE BLOGGING

The LIVE BLOGGING module gives editors the ability to deliver text, photos, and videos in an interactive and engaging content stream.

Never worry about spike traffic

FORGE was built to service the world’s biggest events. The architecture and infrastructure configuration ensure you stay online in the moments that matter.



How to build a league-wide digital content ecosystem




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