The Childhood Eye Cancer Trust is Deltatre UK Charity of the Year for 2019


by Editorial Staff


by Editorial Staff

Deltatre and Massive are coming together, focusing on both global and local initiatives for 2019. 

In addition to collaborating with charities at a global level, we are also proud to announce the selected UK Charity of the Year for 2019: The Childhood Eye Cancer Trust.

In line with our values of diversity and inclusion fundamental to the group’s vision, three representative from Deltatre and three from Massive local offices in London formed a dedicated, diverse board to activate the UK Pilot Charity of the Year Campaign. The board included staff from project management to design, HR, IT and finance, and played a key role in shortlisting a number of charities then voted by the group’s staff. The initiative, unique of its kind, facilitated the process of integration between Deltatre staff and Massive staff.

The Childhood Eye Cancer Trust are a small charity dealing with a condition that affects vision. In the video and streaming space, everything we do is about sight. Supporting them feels like a great way for Deltatre to support the next generation, who are growing up in a world with ever-increasing visual stimulation.

Tony Page, Deltatre President EMEA stated:

I’m delighted to announce we will be supporting The Childhood Eye Cancer Trust as Deltatre’s Charity of the Year for 2019. Over recent years we have supported many local charities, through nomination by our staff, raising both money and awareness. The Childhood Eye Cancer Trust does some amazing work for sufferers of retinoblastoma and their families and I hope with our support this year through various activities we can help to make a difference.

Tony Page

The Childhood Eye Cancer Trust's Chief Executive, Patrick Tonks, said:

We are thrilled and very grateful to have been chosen by the staff of Deltatre and Massive as the 2019 Charity of the Year. As the UK’s only charity dedicated to helping those affected by retinoblastoma (Rb), a fast growing cancer of the eye that affects babies and very young children, CHECT provides help and support from diagnosis through childhood, into adulthood and beyond. We are proud to be partnering with one of the largest OTT sports providers in the world and are very much looking forward to a productive and enjoyable year of awareness and fundraising with the team.

Patrick Tonks

Jon Boydell, Massive Interactive Technical Director, who nominated The Childhood Eye Cancer Trust, also explained:

I chose The Childhood Eye Cancer Trust because they are a charity that doesn’t get a lot of funding and is often eclipsed by larger non-profit organisations. It has a key role for families of children with retinoblastoma, who wouldn’t benefit from this invaluable support otherwise.

Jon Boydell

We are looking forward to supporting The Childhood Eye Cancer Trust in the next months, through a number of fundraising events and initiatives. We are delighted to work with such an important charity whose values truly lie at the heart of everything we do at Deltatre.

Learn more about The Childhood Eye Cancer Trust here.


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