Deltatre and DFL go global with the evolution of Sportec Solutions joint venture


by Editorial Staff

Best-in-class data expertise and products from Sportec Solutions are now available to leagues and federations around the world, offering new opportunities to own and monetize their match data


by Editorial Staff

Best-in-class data expertise and products from Sportec Solutions are now available to leagues and federations around the world, offering new opportunities to own and monetize their match data

Deltatre, the global leader in fan-first experiences, and DFL Deutsche Fußball Liga, which is responsible for organizing and marketing Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2, have extended their Sportec Solutions collaboration and will now bring its offering to the international market. As part of a renewed agreement, Deltatre has also taken the majority shareholding of Sportec Solutions.

Sportec Solutions is the independent joint venture between sports and entertainment technology provider, Deltatre, and the DFL.

Sportec Solutions offers advanced gathering, storage, analysis, distribution, and analytics of live match data to clubs, licensees, partners, and clients. In addition, Sportec Solutions is responsible for the Bundesliga’s innovative officiating technology, which includes Goal Line Technology (GLT) and centralized Video Assistant Referee (VAR) services.

For the first time, products from Sportec Solutions will be available to the international market, meaning global leagues and federations can benefit from services that were previously offered exclusively in Germany. Organizations can now develop their own leading data provision services, utilizing the expertise from Sportec Solutions as well as Deltatre operations and worldwide presence. With this enhanced capability, leagues and federations can drive greater revenue from their content whilst optimizing their officiating services, like VAR and GLT.

Giampiero Rinaudo, CEO, Deltatre: “The pace of development and innovation from Sportec Solutions has been extraordinary. The partnership has been productive since its inception. We’re committed to expanding the service to other leagues and federations around the world in collaboration with the DFL – and to helping players, clubs, fans and broadcasters gain unparalleled insight into the sport they love.

“Deltatre’s further investment underlines our belief that data collection, distribution, and analysis are all fundamental parts of the fan experience evolution. This agreement positions Deltatre as the technology partner of choice for sports organizations that want to control their own event data and associated monetization opportunities.”

Christian Seifert, DFL CEO: “The expansion of Sportec Solutions reinforces the DFL’s ambition to play a leading global role, also with reference to media, technology and match data. Looking at match data specifically, the possible uses in sports and media analysis will continue to develop rapidly. As innovation leaders, DFL and Sportec Solutions will provide new impetus to these areas.”

Deltatre will assume operational and commercial responsibilities outside of Germany. The strong ongoing collaboration sees Christian Holzer and Dr Hendrik Weber serving as Managing Directors.

Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Cologne, Sportec Solutions has collected data on Germany’s top two divisions since the 2017-2018 season. The collaboration was conceived as an innovation-focused internal lab, predicated on improving data deployment in German football.

On average, nearly 65 million data points are gathered during every Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 match day, with 3.6 million collected on average every game. Sportec Solutions' archive is one of the largest sports data sets worldwide with over 5,000 football matches of full coverage.

The move reinforces DFL's strategy of systematically covering the media value chain, which the league has pursued since 2006. This includes organizing the sporting competition, producing the base signal from all matches in the Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2, creating perfectly tailored content for partners and licensees, collecting and processing match data, and marketing the broadcasting rights around the world. This in-house expertise sets the DFL apart in international football.

The unique joint venture currently boasts over 70 dedicated full-time staff based in Germany, as well as an additional 150 specific matchday operators. It has three operational locations – Munich, Cologne, and Hamburg.

For more information, visit www.sportec-solutions.com.