DIVA 4.6 - letting fans experience sports as never before


by Editorial Staff


by Editorial Staff

What does it take to create an unprecedented video experience for the everyday sports fan?

We think we have the answer - and its name is DIVA, Deltatre’s next-gen video player and one of the main components of our OTT end-to-end solution. Its 4.6 release marks another milestone for a “beyond TV” video experience that sits at the core of today’s viewer expectations.

In this post, we highlight the three main reasons why DIVA is the video player that is revolutionising the way people consume content, using cutting-edge technology and adding new layers of interactivity.

Let’s see what’s new.

#1. The whole action on your timeline, as it happens

No matter where you are, or on which screen you are following your favourite team or athlete, reveling in the glory, the whole action is just a click - or a tap - away.

With the latest release, you can now retrieve all the key events related to the game as they happen on the field through an enhanced timeline - now available not only on your desktop, but also on mobile devices as well. Either while a game is live or when being consumed on-demand content, users can decide what to watch, when, with countless possibilities to analyse the sporting event as if they were using a magnifying glass.

The new HTML5 version of the DIVA timeline displays all icons to quickly identify the main events of a live game. Think about that killer goal scored in a prestigious cup final, or a must-see touchdown during your favourite team’s journey on the road to the Super Bowl. Several choices are available on mobile, either with a timeline that displays icons and a list of main events, or an alternate one which instead doesn’t clutter the screen and can be accessed via a swipe-up action.

Don’t forget that DIVA is a multi-sport video player, which means that it can be tailored for any discipline. The possibilities to customise it to your needs are more than you can possibly imagine.

#2. Multi-angle - a front row seat to your favourite event

Innovation has played a key role in changing sports broadcasting. From the first widespread radio broadcasts for a professional football game between the University of Texas and Texas A&M in the 1920’s, to the first live TV transmissions for American sports and - in Europe - the football World Cup, from the introduction of replays in slow motion to cutting-edge on-screen graphics, watching a sporting event on a screen has never been more entertaining. In fact, technology has opened a million new possibilities to make sport an even more memorable and engaging experience.

DIVA has implemented a new functionality called multi-angle camera map, now available on every video player, both on desktop and mobile. It’s the ultimate solution to enjoy every single moment of the action, from a specific angle.

The feature adds additional video content, letting you review key moments of the action - both live and on-demand - from a number of points, exactly like you were at the venue. So when we say you can take a front row seat, we actually mean it.

With this release all platforms support 360-degree multi-angle, and iOS and Android devices now support also 360-degree videos on VR mode.

#3 DAI - a new horizon for monetisation

Many media giants are moving in a specific direction and that is going direct to the consumer. Think of Disney, Warner Media and Apple, all plotting to spend billions on their services and conquer the next slice of the market. However, there is another battle at the core of the streaming video space, and it’s relevant to the $70 billion that still goes in TV advertising.

Magna Global states that OTT accounts for 29% of TV viewing, but so far has only captured 3% of TV ad budgets. There’s an opportunity out there, especially as consumers are increasingly accessing modern internet-connected TV devices and all the big players are building their own services to capture a share of the ad cash directed to the OTT space.

Deltatre’s DIVA is built for monetisation and now it integrates the Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) through third-party Google APIs. Simply put DAI allows advertisers to swap out ads in linear and live streaming environments. The concept of serving the same ad to each consumer is obsolete. Advertisers can now leverage deeper audience insights and target each viewer specifically, through the coordination with Google, to deliver bespoke adverts to individual users.

Exciting times are on the horizon to increase profit through ads in the OTT space. DIVA, with its 4.6 release, positions itself once more at the forefront of innovation.

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What’s next?

The future looks bright and Q3 and Q4 of 2019, which will see a number of new features and implementations to the DIVA video player.

From an enhanced back office to an improved VOD workflow and new facilitations for content managers, Deltatre’s DIVA aims to play a key role in what looks like an authentic revolution of the way people will consume sports in the future.