Four things to expect from Broadcast Asia


by Hermione Wright


by Hermione Wright

*This blog post first appeared on the Massive Interactive blog. Massive was acquired by Deltatre in November 2018.

With Broadcast Asia just around the corner (18th - 20th June for those of you yet to add it to your calendars!), we thought it was the perfect time to do a round-up of some of the trends we’re looking forward to hearing more about next week. If you’re heading over to the event, do keep an eye out for our very own Will James, VP APAC, who will give a presentation on Thursday 20th at Suntec focusing on the sports TV revolution. He’ll share insights about how OTT services for next-generation audiences should be designed. Don’t miss it!

#1. The growth of 5G...

5G is coming to APAC – and fast. With the infrastructure being put in place as we speak, we expect to see a huge shift in consumers switching from 4G to 5G. With the broadband infrastructure in certain regions lacking compared to their Western neighbours, a region-wide rollout of 5G made available to consumers  will transform how, where and when viewers watch content across APAC in the coming years.

Many even suggest that APAC will become the region to most widely adopt 5G as soon as 2025. Markets such as Australia, China, Japan, and South Korea are expected to lead this seismic shift, which will then leave the door open for other countries to follow suit. The reasons believed to be behind this mammoth growth vary, but could include a young (and growing) technology-savvy population demanding more from their telcos, as well as many smart cities, like Singapore for example, requiring the infrastructure to enable them to continue to flourish.

#2. …And the consequences of 5G

The aspect that really excites us is not purely 5G for 5G’s sake, but what this technology will bring to APAC more widely. For example, live video delivered via IP is slowly replacing traditional ‘linear’ viewing around the world , and with the adoption of 5G increasing in APAC, we predict this phenomenon will only continue to expand.

Of course you have to think about how the quality of content delivered to consumers will continue to increase. For example, the technology will lead to the reduction of interrupted viewing, and allow people to watch more content, more often, wherever they decide to tune in. From a consumer perspective, there will be huge changes in the coming years when it comes to where and how often they view content – whether it’s on their way to work, in more remote areas, or simply being able to make full use of their OTT service. The promise of ‘anytime, anywhere, any device’ will truly, and finally, be delivered.

It’s an exciting time for businesses looking to fortify the penetration of their OTT services, but the changing tech climate also provides a fertile ground for competitors to break through. As the people behind Massive AXIS, a product that offers consumers a highly personalised user experience so they can watch content in the way they want, we’re excited to make the most of this huge potential to help our customers old and new to stand out.

#3. Pay TV must adapt

Times are changing, and the research shows that APAC is following suit with the global market when it comes to an acceleration in cord-cutting. As such, it’s predicted the region’s pay TV industry will expand at a compound annual growth rate of just three per cent between 2018 and 2023, with India offering the highest potential for growth. However, the appetite for pay TV is far from consistent across the region, with growth in Indonesia and the Philippines slowing, while Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand are all set to witness a decline.

For pay TV providers, the movement towards OTT services, of course, will be alarming. However, it spells the perfect opportunity to adapt their offering by exploring their own OTT packages. And for established international OTT providers looking for new areas of growth, APAC no doubt is the perfect region to target. Whether you currently work with us or want to find out more about our product and services offering, we can provide state of the art products and solutions to make sure your business is at the forefront of consumers’ minds when it comes to choosing the right OTT service.  

#4. The growth of eSports

APAC isn’t alone in this trend, but it’s seeing a huge leap in popularity. Predictions go so far as to suggest that eSports in Asia will be responsible for gaming revenue reaching $200b by 2030. The estimate is equal to the revenue earned by the entire smartphone industry in 2016. This appetite shows so sign of slowing, as Asia now recognises eSports as an official sport, and it will even be a full medal event at the 2022 Asian Games.

The sport now being taken seriously by so many people across the region offers ample opportunities for businesses to find new and innovative ways to improve the user experience for its growing fan base. We’re looking forward to seeing the latest developments and approaches to this phenomenon during our time at Broadcast Asia.


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