Latest DIVA update enhances the viewing experience on every screen


by Editorial Staff


by Editorial Staff

Many modern sports fans long for the perfect spot to watch their favourite games from – after all, they don't want to miss a second of the action.

However, a front-row seat is no longer their ultimate goal: they want more. 

They crave being at the centre of the stage, crafting their own experience and making it memorable. A superb goal scored in the last minute of a very important game, an incredible progression for the quarterback to a touchdown, a gold medal after a breathtaking 50m freestyle race; all of this is a tap (or a click) away with Deltatre’s DIVA. 

The video player has revolutionised the way we consume and interact with sports events – and a new release, 4.7, now brings with it new features. In this post, we highlight what these changes bring from HDR videos and improvements on the multi-video options, to the generation of automatic highlights and the ongoing development for additional devices.

#1. Multi-video

What happens when there’s a great afternoon of sports events ahead of you, but many games are happening simultaneously? The new DIVA release satisfies your hunger for sports, even when the final of the most important football tournament of the year is kicking off at the same time as a nail-biting tennis clash or a swimming final. It means you no longer have hard decisions to make when it comes to picking which sport to watch. 

With the brand new multi-video feature, users can now watch up to four events at once – and all just within a few clicks. The multi-video option allows users to never miss a single play, enabling them to follow all the action as it happens.

#2. Automatic highlights

DIVA can now deliver smart event highlights, crafting a unique viewing experience. No production is required, as the highlights are generated through the sports data, and the process is automatic.

Three highlight templates are available, including a short version, a medium-sized and a long highlight mode. How does it work? To enable the highlight mode, standard data integration is needed through a data provider or an editor that directs the necessary information for the timeline. An editor will then need to identify the specific events that will make it to the different versions of the highlights. Think of a particularly exciting football game where you just want to show the goals scored, or again the top-3 most exciting moments of a golf tournament.

The game-changer here is the fact that the highlights will be made available as soon as the live event is over. Using data synchronisation, the highlight mode can be calculated by filtering the events on the timeline and will be available with all the other DIVA features, such as interactive timeline, data panels, snap data and the multi-angle mode introduced with the 4.6 release (click here to learn more).

Also, the highlights will generate more opportunities for deeper and more personalised content consumption. Simply starting from 2-minute long highlights, a user will have the ability to explore beyond  the boundaries of the short video and discover more of the content available on the platform.

#3. Back-end workflow monitoring, HDR and android TV

The back-end portal now includes a brand new UI that is optimized for monitoring live, video-on-demand and subclip (used to manage very long media files) workflows. Thanks to the improved interface, admins and operators will now be able to see in real-time what is happening to the videos in the system.

What about those who are always on the move and need, for instance, to make the most of their commute? Thanks to the support High Dynamic Range (HDR) resolutions, the viewing experience is now improved, even on smaller screens. Colours and tones of the video will appear as they are in real life.

Finally, the 4.7 update for DIVA is now available for Android TV, adding to the list of already compatible devices. Users will be able to enhance their own experience when consuming content through it, bringing to their home screens the best of the international sports action, either live or on-demand.

On the horizon

With its release set for Q4, DIVA will end a year of great improvements. The video player of tomorrow will bring to a whole world of sports and entertainment to our screens.

Deltatre’s recent report, Where the Money Is Going: The Future of Sports Entertainment, showed how research from Deltatre-powered OTT platforms indicates that the average number of devices linked to an individual account is 8.6. Scalability, in fact, is one of the key elements that a modern video player needs to encompass. With new features in the pipeline, such as recommendations on mobile and the implementation of e-commerce functionalities, DIVA keeps playing a leading role for the delivery of a seamless fan experience.