A message from our CEO on our 35th anniversary


by Giampiero Rinaudo

As we reach an important milestone in Deltatre’s history, our CEO & Co-founder, Giampiero Rinaudo, reflects on what unites us as a company   


by Giampiero Rinaudo

As we reach an important milestone in Deltatre’s history, our CEO & Co-founder, Giampiero Rinaudo, reflects on what unites us as a company   

Deltatre has just turned 35. On 24 January 1986, together with Luca Marini and Ettore Ugo, we founded this great company. It seems like only yesterday we met with our notary in Milan. It was an exciting time, and I remember she told us she had a good record of bringing new companies luck.

She was right.

There are many times when I look back and I realize how fortunate we have been. I'm lucky to have a job that combines the three passions I've had since I was a boy – technology, sport, and travel. I also feel lucky to be part of the biggest sporting events across the globe, and I will forever be proud that more than 30% of the world's population in some way experiences our work.

But it's not all luck.

For 35 years, Deltatre has been united by the passion of our people. It's this passion that has enabled us to push boundaries every day and transform how the world engages with content. It's helped us grow from a team of three to more than 1,000 people in hubs across 15 key cities. It brought us together, but also enabled us to be ourselves.

Our company is home to more than 60 nationalities – each of us bringing to the table our different opinions, experiences, and points of view. This constant drive, this 'something extra', has meant we've always been able to tread new ground, break boundaries, and achieve world-firsts. Last year it was a huge honor for Deltatre to be recognized by Fast Company magazine as one of the world's top 10 most innovative video companies.

From way back in 1987 when we built the first teletext-based commentator information system during the IAAF World Championships, to transforming services and innovations in many of the world's most-watched sporting events in life, including the Olympics, Formula 1, MotoGP, FIFA World Cups, UEFA Champions Leagues, ATP Tennis Tournaments, and NFL Super Bowls.

Besides the significant current and former sports accomplishments and memories, I am glad that we have also firmly cemented our place in the limitless universe of media and entertainment. Today we're behind popular OTT streaming services and digital experiences for clients worldwide, including the BBC, ITV, Mediacorp, Globo, DR and more.

There have been many smaller – equally as important – company moments that have made us, us. We also have so many people who have made the company what it is now.

At this moment I want to praise my friend and business partner Luca Marini especially – without him Deltatre wouldn't have the same soul, and I wouldn't be the same person. We're also fortunate to have a second Marini and Rinaudo generation on board in Andrea, Pietro, Alice and Giulia; together, we are working hard to build and share our unique culture.

A culture that is shared with George Pyne and our Bruin colleagues who are not only valuable partners but also friends.

Much has changed over the years. The industries we work within have never stopped evolving – and the change is now picking up pace. As we look ahead to the next 35 years, transformation is the one thing we can all be certain of. We will push ourselves and continue to create work that truly defines sport, media and entertainment. Many people tell me that Deltatre is like a startup in our creativity, our refusal to rest, and the fact that everything changes at the speed of light. I'm proud of that.

I say, "We're Deltatre, we're old, but we're young." It's this ability to combine our maturity, plus real-world experience and determination to adapt constantly, that means we will continue to anticipate – and lead – what happens next.

Giampiero Rinaudo