Product update: LIVE BLOGGING powers seamless workflows on the go


by Editorial Staff

Are you ready for when live sports return? Read on for all the latest features of LIVE BLOGGING, our real-time blogging tool that gives you the ultimate power to publish richer, highly engaging content on the go


by Editorial Staff

Are you ready for when live sports return? Read on for all the latest features of LIVE BLOGGING, our real-time blogging tool that gives you the ultimate power to publish richer, highly engaging content on the go

Picture this. Your fans are watching a sport event that’s being streamed on their preferred channel, but at the same time they’re searching for additional footage, behind-the-scenes content, statistics, live commentary and social media posts – in fact, anything that can help them understand and enjoy the game even more.

When you’re desperate to keep on top of all the latest info, it’s frustrating to move from one source to another. Users want all the relevant information, in one place, instantly.

LIVE BLOGGING is Deltatre’s answer. The product brings the sports viewing experience together in a visually compelling way, satisfying the demand for a richer fan experience.

This update marks another step forward for a tool that helps bring content to life. With a focus on richer visual experiences based on the optimized use of media libraries and a seamless control of the backend, even on smartphones, LIVE BLOGGING has a number of new features that we’re excited to share with you.

#1. Push near-live updates in a few taps

Timely distribution is key to a successful content strategy. From football and soccer pitches, to circuit or long-distance races, fans want to experience every moment, desperate to take the reins when it comes to the quality and frequency of the updates to their content stream.

End-users need to feel in control and be able to explore every moment of an event. Therefore, content makers must perform under incredible pressure. In order to meet tight deadlines from on-venue, using portable devices during storytelling processes has become essential – but often dashboards and backends are not easy to manage on the screen of a smartphone.

LIVE BLOGGING solves this challenge. It enables editors to push near-live updates from portable devices, straight from the field to the fan. A bespoke mobile experience has been implemented for the backend, providing editors with all the necessary functionalities to create posts, add copy, enrich the text with media assets and – finally – go live all in a few taps.

All the main features, like creating, editing, and deleting posts, are at the editor’s disposal at any time, as well as additional options to mark posts as ‘key moments’ that stand out from the overall event coverage.

What about media assets such as photos and videos? The portable aspect of LIVE BLOGGING is now deeper than it used to be as content makers can upload images and video assets straight from their device’s camera.

#2. A richer media library

Among the key factors that can really elevate a sports organization’s content strategy is a thorough, effective and creative use of media. The world of social media has helped to establish videos as a critical asset in increasing reach and engagement, and recent reports indicate how posts containing videos generate, on average, 48% more views.

The update adds a new layer of opportunities for publishers to engage fans with exclusive content. Short clips can now be uploaded and published directly from the backend without having to manage the assets on other dashboards. The original files are uploaded directly onto Cloudinary’s ecosystem (a cloud-based image and video management service).

The distribution is then automated by a number of powerful tools, from the definition of the file size, to quality and bitrate, there are many possibilities of customization offered within a single configuration. Once uploaded, the chosen clips are in the editorial teams’ hands to provide fans with a richer and more engaging coverage of their favorite sporting events.

#3. Choose the best images for every device

Finally, this new LIVE BLOGGING release also offers improvements to the management of image formats. A new feature helps to reduce bandwidth usage and deliver the best quality for each image based on the selected device. By simply configuring the widget, it is possible for editors to optimized images to be served on different specific automatically.

Closing thoughts

The new version of LIVE BLOGGING marks another step forward in the world of sports content, helping to satisfy the appetite of fans hungry for instant information. A seamless experience on mobile devices to manage the content workflows from the backend will simplify editorial operations for teams deployed ‘on venue’. At the same time, end-users can now access unprecedented coverage, all in one place. LIVE BLOGGING is unleashing the power of content.

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