Product update: a new milestone for the world's best sports publishing platform, FORGE


by Editorial Staff

Read on to find out how the latest features of FORGE, our sports-focused publishing platform, will revolutionize your content strategy forever


by Editorial Staff

Read on to find out how the latest features of FORGE, our sports-focused publishing platform, will revolutionize your content strategy forever

2020 is set to be a huge year – one that will bring to the world’s screens an almost uncountable number of sporting events. From the football pitches of 12 countries in Europe for the 60th anniversary edition of the UEFA European Championships, to the breathtaking skylines of Tokyo for the Games of the XXXII Olympiad.

Summer, in particular, will keep millions glued to their favorite devices, experiencing unforgettable moments that will become favourite memories and stories to share with future generations.

Towards the end of last year, we wrote about the importance for sports organizations at every level to maintain a tight grip on their own content strategy. Working with a reliable publishing platform that can do more than just enable content creation is now a must, and our own product, FORGE – specifically designed for sports entities – is richer than ever.

We rounded up some of the new features in this post and provided some insights on our plans for the future.

Read on for the lowdown.

#1. Write it, then run it everywhere

This new release of FORGE completes the process of migration to .NET Core – a cross-platform development environment used to build device, cloud, and IoT (the Internet of Things) applications. This means that our publishing platform runs lower hosting and operational costs, while enabling system administrators to run the product on multiple cloud vendors.

This marks another important milestone in the history of the product, as it enables the possibility to run any solution on all the main cloud providers while generating a consistent deployment and running model.

The deployment, scaling, and management of a FORGE-based solution is now fully automated within a centralized system (Kubernetes) that can natively run on a wide range of cloud solutions. Think about an ideal scenario where hosting costs can be significantly cut, and no operative system license is required to run the application.

Welcome to the future of FORGE.

#2. Translation management for greater flexibility

Sport is international, and so are the legions of fans that – unlike in past decades – can connect and access content from all over the world. Fans across countries speak different languages, and multi-language content distribution is no longer something organizations can ignore.

FORGE now brings a brand new standalone tool to its feature set that enables the seamless outsourcing of translations to external agencies. This becomes crucial in complex corporate structures and teams, where pieces of content need to be accurately prepared and distributed around the clock. The TRANSLATION TOOL now allows translators to support the workflow of multi-language platforms to ease and speed up the day-by-day working routine.

A side-by-side view has also been introduced to simplify the translation process and allow translators and editors to keep the original content before their eyes, with the translated version on the same screen.

The built-in translation workflow can now cover most of the possible day-to-day scenarios, enabling translation managers to approve or reject pieces of work submitted by team members. The fresh and user-friendly graphical interface also helps users to focus purely on the work that needs attention at that time.

In the pipeline

FORGE remains the most complete and reliable solution to manage content in an effective and creative way out there. The first update of 2020 brings innovation and brand new functionalities to a publishing platform that is already the first choice for many of the biggest sports properties in the world.

With months of unmissable sporting events just around the corner, now’s the time to learn more about how FORGE can reinvent your content production and distribution process.

Do you have any questions or thoughts? Let us know over on LinkedIn or Twitter @deltatre.


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