Six essential features of Massive AXIS you didn’t know about (probably)


by Hermione Wright


by Hermione Wright

*This blog post first appeared on the Massive Interactive blog. Massive was acquired by Deltatre in November 2018.

If you’ve been working with us for some time, maybe you think you know everything there is to know about Massive AXIS. If you’re yet to work with us, you might think you already have your OTT service under control.

Humour us.

Whichever camp you fall into, we dare you to take a couple of minutes to check you’re making the most of the key features that will not only optimise your service but also leave your customers coming back time and time again.

And for those of you completely new to Massive AXIS, our platform puts the power in your hands to create and manage the hyper-targeted OTT user experiences you want for your customers. Scroll down to learn about its key features, or head this way to find out how it will transform your business.

Here goes.

#1. You can publish in seconds

This is a big one. With Massive AXIS, gone are the days when you’d have to wait for technical team members to implement any changes to your CMS. With our easy-to-use Page Management system, you simply drag and drop any changes you want to make to images, text, and page layouts. The ease in which you can make these edits not only saves time, but it also means you can keep your users engaged with a dynamic service that changes regularly.  

For those of you who have submitted apps to the App Store in the past, you’ll know it can be a time-consuming process. Time spent waiting for your changes to be approved is time when users are not benefitting from your work. The great thing about Massive AXIS is that due to the relationship between the control console and reference applications being driven by APIs, any changes you make don’t need to go through this lengthy approval process each time. Simply make the change within your app, press publish and you’re good to go!

#2. Everyone can be a publisher

Imagine a hit TV series has been front and centre of many of your customers’ homepage for the last two weeks. It’s had the full works – beautiful cover images, bespoke promotions, custom landing pages, and more. But now it’s time to move on. Whereas historically you would have been forced to rely on your technical team to make the necessary changes within your app, with Massive AXIS it’s no longer the case. Once you integrate AXIS into your tech stack you can see that it’s designed with simplicity in mind, so anyone with a non-technical skillset (think editors, content managers, and marketers) can be given full control of the publishing process rather than having to outsource any changes.

Not only is the CMS itself easy to get to grips with, but pre-configured templates also make life easier for publishers. Let’s say you’ve just acquired the rights to all the Lord of the Rings films, you can choose from our selection of Pre-Built Asset Rows to cluster each film together in a way that is easy and more engaging to digest for viewers. All you need to do is pick a style you think will work well for the content and you can then customise it based on your requirements.

There are lots of different ways to display content – if you want to clearly show all your action films at once, you could pick the Double Row option, or you could pick the Single Editorial Image option to draw focus to a key piece of content like a long-awaited Blockbuster release. And it’s not just VOD – you can customise pre-built templates for live content too.

With so many customisation opportunities, you can let your team’s creative juices flow and really find ways to make your OTT platform stand out from the crowd.

#3. You can plan ahead

If you’re looking to be less reactive in favour of upping your forward-planning, Scheduling Rows is the feature for you. Say you’ve just bought the rights to a film you know is going to be the talk of the town, you’re going to want to make the most of every second you’re able to show it on your platform. With Massive AXIS, just pick the best-suited Pre-Built Asset Row and you can prepare all text and imagery ahead of launch. 

As well as being able to plan your marketing campaign ahead of time, you can set the content to go live at the right time and date – especially useful if your rights to the asset kick off outside of working hours!

#4. You can tailor your content to your audience

We don’t need to preach to you about the importance of creating a UX which is personalised to your customers’ interests – we’re sure you’re well aware. But with Massive AXIS, making sure you’re showing the right content to the right people in the right places couldn’t be easier.  

Firstly, through the platform’s Segmentation Tags, you can pick which content or aspect of the UX you want to make available to users based on the device they are using at that time (TV, browser, tablet, mobile, etc.). You can even target users based on the model of their devices. For example, if you only wanted to make a new epic action film available to people watching via their smart TVs, it couldn’t be easier.

But it goes deeper than devices, as you can create any Segmentation Tag based on the wealth of CRM and analytics data you have at your fingertips. One option could be showing a new TV series exclusively to your premium users, with first-time visitors seeing an entirely different suite of content. You, of course, want to make sure your customers are seeing the shows that are most relevant to them, and this feature allows you to intelligently and easily do so at the click of a few buttons.

#4.5. You can make your content accessible for all

It’s not just the content displayed within your apps that can be customised, as Massive AXIS also provides you with the power to amend how the entire interface looks. If you want to alter the background and text colours for either the long-term or to react temporarily to a certain theme, you can use our added Accessibility Checker to make sure the colours selected can be read by those with limited sight.  

As soon as you select your colours, the platform will provide a useful rating to check it complies with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0).

#5. It can make you money

Say you have 100k subscribers all paying £7.99 a month to access your content. We’re going to hazard a guess that the vast majority of them would be far from satisfied if you started introducing ad breaks to up your revenue. Beyond growing your customer base and offering them extra content which can be unlocked with an additional fee, increasing monetisation opportunities can be difficult. Fortunately, Massive AXIS has a handy feature which means your otherwise £800k ceiling is bust wide open.

Known as Promotional Rows, this feature provides a space for advertisers to promote their products and services without negatively impacting your customers’ experience. The creative is up to you and the advertiser, but it provides the opportunity to produce compelling content that viewers will genuinely want to engage with - and that importantly doesn’t interrupt any viewing time. Whether you want to keep viewers within your app or allow them to click through to an advertisers’ site is also up to you.

#6. Any questions, we’re there!

Once you’ve invested in Massive AXIS, you’re not on your own. We’ve installed an Intercom system where you can chat live with our experts about any issues or queries you may stumble across along the way. It’s also a broadcast platform where we let you know about any updates so you won’t miss out as we improve the product!