Supporting women in tech is more important now than ever. Here's why.


by Ellie Carter


by Ellie Carter

*This blog post first appeared on the Massive Interactive blog. Massive was acquired by Deltatre in November 2018.

Diversity in the workforce is not a ‘nice to have’. It’s essential. After all, not only has research shown time and time again that diverse teams make the best teams, but the products and services we create at Massive and Deltatre are designed with the world in mind. When it comes to gender, although vital steps have been made within the technology industry to achieving a more equal balance – there is much more to be done.

One initiative to champion the incredible achievements of women in the tech industry to date is the annual Women of Silicon Roundabout at the ExCeL Centre in London. Part of the Women in Tech Series, it’s the world’s largest event of its kind.

Attended by more than 6,000 tech leaders and professionals, it’s the chance for women in tech to connect, champion their successes, as well as learn from truly inspiring industry speakers. 

We were proud to represent Massive and Deltatre with our bright and bold stand, which gave us the chance to meet with countless individuals working across the whole spectrum of the tech industry.They were interested in finding out what we do and how we do it. A number of our colleagues were on hand to speak to attendees about the ways in which the company empowers women globally and works to close the gender gap which remains in the industry.

For example, as well as flexible working options, Deltatre is proud to partner with the charity Girls Tech. This charity works to promote awareness of the gender gap in the tech industry and highlights the need for equal education and working opportunities.

Rochelle Scott, a UI Developer from Deltatre, attended the event for the first time. She said: “It was a really brilliant and eye-opening experience. It gave me an opportunity for myself and other women within the tech industry to come together and not only share ideas but also retell our stories in how we came into the industry.”

Covering a multitude of themes such as diversity and inclusion, building self-confidence in business, and career progression advice, Rochelle said the workshops “sparked motivation,” and that with “hard work and the correct mindset” any targets and aspirations are possible.

Having a presence at Women of Silicon Roundabout is essential for Massive and Deltatre, as it is a conference that enables us to support the change we strive for in our industry. Not only does the conference give a platform for knowledge sharing with aspiring leaders of the future, but it allows a space for conversations to be had that question inequality, all while providing businesses with the tools and strategies to address them. 

We are committed to continuing and promoting this conversation globally across Massive and Deltatre. If you would like to know about anything mentioned or share your views with us, just contact Ellie at or join the conversation on Twitter @Massive_Voice or LinkedIn @Massive Interactive.


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