Volleyball World selects Deltatre to design and build new website and app


by Editorial Staff

New digital properties are powered by Deltatre’s sport-focused publishing platform, FORGE


by Editorial Staff

New digital properties are powered by Deltatre’s sport-focused publishing platform, FORGE

Deltatre – the global leader in fan-first experiences – has successfully relaunched the refreshed and reimagined Volleyball World website and app.

Volleyball World is responsible for the commercial operation of key volleyball and beach volleyball international events, including World Championships, Olympic Qualifiers, and the Volleyball Nations League.

The new digital offering has been completely reimagined, redesigned, and redeveloped, and will be powered by Deltatre’s FORGE, the world’s first sport-focused publishing platform. The website and app have been brought to life in under three months, from conception to delivery.

FORGE is a highly flexible content platform, and the modern solution for today’s sport and entertainment operators.

The new website and app incorporate Deltatre’s market-leading fan engagement features. Content will be available in seven languages, underlining Volleyball World’s dedication to expanding and building upon its global reach.

Crucially, editorial teams have the ability to produce and deliver the right content at the right time via the right channel to volleyball fans in every market.

Commenting on the project, Tony Page, President, Sport Experiences, Deltatre, said: “In partnering with Volleyball World, we’re working with an organization that has ambitious plans for the sport and for fan engagement more generally.

“For Deltatre, this is another example of why we are trusted by some of the largest and most forward-thinking sporting federations and organizations. We are relied upon to boost their digital presence while enhancing storytelling capabilities that strengthen the fan relationship.”

Volleyball World Head of Digital, Motasem El Bawab, said: “With the launch of Volleyball World in March, our team, together with Deltatre, had to find agile solutions to deliver state-of-the-art direct-to-consumer products. With Deltatre’s FORGE framework in place, we are just getting started as we are rolling out more digital products that will expand our entire ecosystem and engage even more fans.

“Deltatre was committed to implementing world-leading technology in such a short time frame to supercharge our fan experience, in addition to thinking ahead to the evolution of our roadmap. Their impressive track record made working together an obvious choice.”

Volleyball World is the commercial entity for volleyball around the world, initially for the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) and aiming at working later alongside other leagues and federations. Their goal is to increase the profile and popularity of the sport through fresh investment for the benefit of fans, players, and National Federations.

Deltatre was selected as part of a larger, wide-ranging Volleyball World roadmap that is focusing on building a fully connected digital ecosystem. To make this new digital strategy possible, Volleyball World is committed to developing and launching various owned platforms to reach fans directly, without intermediaries, thus gaining a better understanding of their tastes and habits, and fundamentally, taking one step closer to becoming the ultimate fan of volleyball.

The new digital strategy is designed to be fan-centric, which involves working towards the creation of an integrated system of services and products for the entire Volleyball family, to offer the very best possible experience to fans around the world, whether you play, watch, or attend volleyball.

This agreement follows similar digital projects that Deltatre has undertaken for sporting giants such as Juventus and Major League Soccer. Most recently, Deltatre revamped and relaunched the new Tennis.com website and app.