What makes a great UX?


by Ben Tobin

A strong User Experience (UX) is a central component of an enjoyable viewing experience for those interacting with a service or product.


by Ben Tobin

A strong User Experience (UX) is a central component of an enjoyable viewing experience for those interacting with a service or product.

What’s more, a good UX has wider benefits for a business - it improves customer satisfaction, providing greater engagement which boosts retention and recommendation levels, while also nurturing future monetisation options.

With this in mind, we interviewed Deltatre’s Design Director Richard Mills to find out what viewers want in a modern-day UX experience, as well the mistakes that designers should avoid.

What are the expectations of the modern viewer or fan?

Today, fans want to feel like they are a part of the experience – and want to do much more than just watch a video or live game. They want to have a deeper level of connection than before, and that requires going beyond a functional or transactional relationship. They want to be able to share what they’re viewing with friends and family, bringing others into that experience.

What are the key things to remember?

Firstly, I’d encourage anyone to think beyond the screen. Creating good UX is more than just wireframes and visual design. It is about finding that sweet spot where usability, utility and feasibility meet. Of course, this means getting your hands dirty while trying to understand the bigger picture, from the wider business decisions through to the end customer’s needs.

Secondly, remember testing. Test, test, and test again! It’s really important to conduct timely and actionable research, which can be implemented to improve the viewing experience. It’s more than likely that you’re not going to get it right first time, so any learnings you can acquire along the way will really elevate the final result.

What are some of the most common UX mistakes?

Of course, the failure to apply the points above would definitely count as mistakes! But following on from that I’d really recommend trying to avoid making too many assumptions, which often leads to solving the wrong problems. Not taking the time to think strategically is an error, while conducting poor or incomplete research often produces poor insights.

What’s more, don’t be tempted to throw features at the problem. Any effective technology has to have a clear purpose and function, and not just be there just to act as a nice to have or as a type of garnish. An example would be introducing a shiny new technological innovation, without stepping back to think whether it is something users actually need or want. Viewers want that easy interaction and usability above all.

What have we been doing here at Deltatre? And what can we expect in the future?

Here at Deltatre, we’re blessed with a great level of agility and creativity, and it is such an exciting time to be part of the business. Of course, we’re looking into how we can help our clients with improvements in the virtual reality and AI sectors – UX will not necessarily have to be screen-based the in future. The beauty of working in my industry is that you’re always re-learning and experimenting, working with leading technologists that are creating new possibilities.

At Deltatre specifically, our advanced OTT player DIVA is the perfect example of the intersection of design and technology. The way in which viewers can interact, personalise and ultimately enjoy the viewing experience through advanced functionality like on-screen data visualisations and smart highlights is a great example of our work and innovation to date.

Finally, why attracted you personally to the world of design?

"I’ve always been a big sports, TV, and movies addict, so the move into this area of design was always a huge ambition. I love the challenge of solving the functional needs of the audience but also meeting the emotional needs of fans. It’s a huge privilege to create amazing experiences that enhance the moments that matter the most to fans all around the world.'

Closing Thoughts

What do you think are the key factors when providing a good UX? And why is this so important to businesses?

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